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How I Got Interested in Lolita Fashion

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Well I'm new to blogging as a whole, and new to the Lolita Blog Carnival. So here is my first Lolita Blog Carnival post, I hope it's all right :)

How I got interested in Lolita Fashion?

How I got into the fashion originally is a little bit ambiguous, as I didn't just 'discover' Lolita and then suddenly get into it. To explain exactly how I got interested in the fashion, I will have to go back into the history of how I first got into anime.

Yeah I know, I know...being a Lolita who is into anime is a common stereotype, which may or may not always be true. Many Lolita's are into anime I believe, because that is how they got introduced into Japanese culture and fashion. Not all Lolita's are into anime, but certainly many are. And that is exactly how I got introduced into the fashion.

Gothic and Lolita as portrayed in anime and manga
(which isn't usually how it actually is)

In my sixth grade of school was when I first started getting into anime. I was introduced to a whole new and exciting culture and many new concepts. At this time I decided I would start getting back into Gothic Fashion as well. I claimed myself to be a 'Goth' for some years as a child, but in reality I was doing nothing but just wearing black clothing. Now with a new found love of anime and a budding interest in Japanese culture, my Gothic Fashion had become something of its own. I had more creativity with my clothing, and a much more 'Victorian Gothic' influence and an overall girlier look than that of normal Western Gothic Fashions. My clothing had become very 'Lolita inspired' without actually knowing what Lolita was at the time.

An example of my early Gothic Fashion style.
As you can see it is very 'Lolita-esq'

The term Lolita Fashion had been thrown around in my head for a while, hearing it on the internet and in anime, and I had a very brief understanding of it as a whole. I was still experimenting with Gothic Fashion based from many things I'd seen in anime and on the internet. A year after getting back into Gothic Fashion, I attended my first anime convention. A friend and I were of course wearing the best 'Gothic' outfits we could muster and went around excited at our first anime convention with stars in our eyes.

When I ran into a stall called 'One Day in Paradise' at the convention, my country's Lolita Fashion store, I instantly fell in love. This would be the moment I 'officially' started wearing Lolita Fashion. After trying clothes on I had purchased my fist dress in excitement, and changed into it for wearing around the convention all day.

A photo from after the convention. I look like such an ita T^T

At this point I still had no knowledge of the Fashion as a whole, and I was mainly just experimenting with Gothic Fashion still. It was about a year before I had become a 'proper' Lolita and had some concrete knowledge on the rules and about the Lolita Fashion community.

So that's my history on my beginnings of the Fashion, and how I got interested in Lolita Fashion. My beginning in the Fashion was a bit awkward, but everyone starts off somewhere.

My first successful coordination  

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hellokitt9 on 9 November 2013 at 04:11 said...

I have to say your first photo looks adorable and not at all ita as most peoples first photos in Lolita.

Unknown on 9 November 2013 at 19:24 said...

Awww thank you :)

Unknown on 29 January 2015 at 09:58 said...

are you still blogging, i hope so xxx

Unknown on 2 May 2015 at 12:29 said...

Yes I will continue to blog in the future, I have just decided to take a short break and focus on school for a little while. I'm trying to get good marks in all my exams so I can get into a good university!

I'm glad you enjoy my blog and I'm happy that you asked, I will get back into blogging when I can :)

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