Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Lazy Lolita!

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 20:55
Sure we all know about casual Lolita....but what about days when you just feel too lazy to dress up. Sometimes you can't wear Lolita for practical reasons either, such as doing sport, or attending a social event where it's not allowed. When you can't wear Lolita, what do you do?

Whether you wear Lolita all the time or on occasion, sometimes it's hard to always dress up when you feel the urge. As let's face it, Lolita isn't the most practical fashion out there. After a long day of work you might just feel too tired to get into your frills, or maybe you went out to lunch with a friend in Lolita and want to get into something comfortable as soon as you get home. What if you're sick and just need to stay in bed all day? Sometimes you just can't bear the wigs or annoying hairstyles, the head eating bows, and the space devouring petticoats, and you just want to feel comfortable....yet you still want to look cute or feel elegant right?

There's always the option of trying other Japanese Fashions. You could try out Fairy Kei or Mori girl for example. Or maybe a Lolita inspired outfit? You could wear a cutsew with a pair of jeans or a causal skirt. Or maybe even wear a Lolita dress as just a dress. You could buy an underskirt to wear underneath if you feel like you need another layer.

If you want a more comfortable approach you could try buying some room wear. I know Bodyline sold some ages ago, and hopefully they'll do it again. Room wear is basically clothes that are meant for wearing around the house, and are intended for comfort. You can get some really cute looking room wear online that you could wear to bed or around the house on days when you just want to stay at home.

Another really neat idea is to buy a dress form. If you aren't able to wear Lolita or don't feel in the mood to, you could just dress it up instead. This will help you with that urge to dress up, and give your room a little Lolita inspiration. 

Bodyline Room Wear
Dress Form

What do you do when you can't wear Lolita or feel to lazy to dress up?


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to come up with some alternative to Lolita fashion for a while now! I sometimes get sick a lot so dressing up can be uncomfortable and more trouble than it's worth, but I still want to look cute. I want to start dressing in casual and old school inspired Lolita. I think fairy kei and mori girl is a great alternative too, and I've been trying to build up some clothes so I can wear those styles as well. I rarely get to wear Lolita, but I'm determined to start to find clothes I can wear that still look cute while being casual and comfortable.

Caitlin George on 30 May 2014 at 09:00 said...

That must be hard, I hope my article helped in some way. Good luck with finding some nice comfortable clothing that you like ^w^

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