Thursday, 30 October 2014

Outfit of the Day!

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This is what I wore yesterday to the anime club that I attend. I was going to post last night, but I felt too tired and ended up just Facebooking some friends before going to sleep.

The dress is from indie brand Magic Cats Street. I didn't bother with wearing the matching bolero as I was expecting to feel overheated in the dress like I was the last time I wore it (although that was not the case this time around). I also felt like I wanted to show off the detail of the dress by not covering it up. I'm wearing purple stockings with it, in order to help with the modesty element. I'm also wearing the matching ribbon belt with it, and have it tied in a bow at the back. My hair is done up in a nice little bun, the hair left out has been curled, and I'm wearing a black bow. As for shoes I just wore a simple pair of black heels that I recently bought.

I felt a bit too dressed up for anime club in this outfit compared to other Lolita outfits I generally wear. I felt incredibly happy and pretty though, and that's all that really matters in the end. I got quite a few compliments from nice friends who liked my outfit, and I had an amazing night overall.

At the moment I am awaiting my Bodyline order. As some of you may know already, things over at Bodyline at the moment are crazy cheap...and better yet there's free shipping. I ended up getting three separate orders, as each time I got paid I wanted to buy more stuff. The first order I got a skirt, socks and some matching wrist cuffs. Second order I bought myself a new dress, a coat, about 5 pairs of stockings and a cute pair of bloomers. And for the third order I finally decided to get myself some tea parties, which I am so excited for. I got myself a pink and a black pair, and I'm hoping so badly that they fit perfectly. I am sowly dying waiting for my orders, and really hope they get here as soon as possible. I'll definitely review everything for you guys once I receive my stuff.

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