Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Bodyline Review

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 I got my other two Bodyline packages a couple of weeks after the last package...I just neglected to post for a variety of reasons. I'm a super busy gal (and also super lazy), but I will try my best to fit more time into blogging.

I had thought that my packages would come in order, but they did not. I first of all got the shoes delivered to me, which I ordered quite a while after everything else, than my other package came a few days later.

I ordered in the first package five pairs of stockings, a coat, a dress and a pair of bloomers, The other package was two pairs of tea parties. I ordered Bodyline L031 in purple, Bodyline H005 in off white (cream) and Bodyline PAN028 in black. As for the shoes I ordered SHOES256 in both black and pink.

Overall I'm rather happy with my order. The stockings are all good quality especially for their price of USD$3. The bloomers are quite nice, and are really light and airy. I think they will also make great pajama shorts for Summer as well. The coat is really good quality, and looks absolutely adorable. I love all the bows and the cute little pom poms on the pockets. The coat has lining and seems to sit nicely with a petticoat underneath, The coat will need a good iron before I wear it next Winter, but for now it will just sit in the cupboard.

The coat is a little thin, and wouldn't provide that much warmth. It should be fine for me if I wear rather warm clothes underneath, and seems like it will do the trick for the Australian Winter. If you however live in a really cold climate, you may not want to buy this coat to survive the Winter, but rather maybe use it for Fall instead.

The coat with nothing but a petticoat underneath

The dress I received is super pretty, and it fits surprisingly well. My only concern when I got it, was that it looked more brown than purple. I can somewhat see how it is a purple dress in a way, but they could have chosen a prettier shade don't you think? Oh well, it has polka dots on it (who doesn't love polka dots).

I wore the dress to anime club after I had received it, and to International Lolita Day. It's quite comfortable, and a decent dress for's just really hard to coordinate though.

International Lolita Day was a really hot day

The tea parties are also quite good...yet they don't fit. I went off Bodyline's shoe sizing chart, and obviously that was wrong. I think I need half a size or a whole size smaller next time I buy their shoes. By adding in some comfort gel things onto the heels they fit slightly better, and they don't move around too much with all the buckles done up thank goodness. Other than the size issue, I am quite happy with them. The colours are adorable, and I love how they are made. My favourite thing about them, is the press studs on the shoes. Once you have the buckles done up to how you desire, you no longer need to use them. Just click and un-clip the shoes using the press studs to get them on and off.

Overall I think I'd give about a 7 or an 8 out of ten for my order. As although they aren't perfect, I am pretty damn happy with what I received for such a small price.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Bodyline Review

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Who could honestly resist the free shipping and all the cheap prices on Bodyline...honestly who could? Of course I had to go ahead and buy heaps of things from Bodyline while I could still get amazing bargains. I bought three separate orders, and have been waiting for what feels like forever to get all my stuff.

I finally got my first package delivered this afternoon, and I almost squealed in delight at the excitement. I ordered Bodyline Skirt L401, a pair of socks, and these wrist cuffs.

My skirt in an idea for a casual coord
I am extremely happy with the skirt, it's amazing quality and the print is so cute. It's slightly lose on me and I feel like it could do with a much bigger petticoat than what I own, but this is just me nit picking rather than complaining. The skirt overall was priced at US$16 when I bought it, and was of course cheaper after doing the yen trick. This you can agree is an amazing bargain, overall I'm extremely pleased.

socks and wrist cuffs
My only complaint is that it is not the colour I wanted. I wanted to buy the skirt in light pink, and even bought wrist cuffs to match with it. I'm not sure if I bought the wrong colour by mistake, or if
there has been a slight mishap somewhere along the line. It's more likely my own fault as I was a little confused when trying to pick the colour. I clicked the same letters that were on the light pink skirt though, so I don't know what's happened there.

The wrist cuffs are extremely nice, and I'm really happy with them as my first pair of wrist cuffs. The lace quality is nice, and the pearls are a pretty touch. Of course just like the skirt, the wrist cuffs are slightly lose on me as I'm a tiny little thing with little wrists as well as a tiny little waist. I might go and buy myself a black and white pair to go with one of my other dresses next time I make an order, as I'm extremely pleased with the quality. Although they aren't the same shade of pink as my skirt, I'm sure they'll still do fine. The tea parties I ordered are also light pink, so I'm hoping that'll tie the whole outfit in.

The knee high socks I ordered were just as I expected for the price. The socks themselves are made out of pretty decent cotton, but the lace is pretty cheap and it has crappy satin ribbons. The lace itself isn't too bad and it isn't exactly noticeable. Although one of the ribbons on the socks doesn't sit right, and it really annoys me. I'm wondering if I can somehow take them off without ruining the entire sock.

All in all I'm pleased with my order. Everyone know's Bodyline isn't perfect, especially in the Lolita Fashion scene, but you get what you pay for. I think I've managed to pick up some great bargains that will work great in casual outfits. Overall I give my order a 6/10, and I cannot wait to see what my next package brings.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Outfit of the Day!

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This is what I wore yesterday to the anime club that I attend. I was going to post last night, but I felt too tired and ended up just Facebooking some friends before going to sleep.

The dress is from indie brand Magic Cats Street. I didn't bother with wearing the matching bolero as I was expecting to feel overheated in the dress like I was the last time I wore it (although that was not the case this time around). I also felt like I wanted to show off the detail of the dress by not covering it up. I'm wearing purple stockings with it, in order to help with the modesty element. I'm also wearing the matching ribbon belt with it, and have it tied in a bow at the back. My hair is done up in a nice little bun, the hair left out has been curled, and I'm wearing a black bow. As for shoes I just wore a simple pair of black heels that I recently bought.

I felt a bit too dressed up for anime club in this outfit compared to other Lolita outfits I generally wear. I felt incredibly happy and pretty though, and that's all that really matters in the end. I got quite a few compliments from nice friends who liked my outfit, and I had an amazing night overall.

At the moment I am awaiting my Bodyline order. As some of you may know already, things over at Bodyline at the moment are crazy cheap...and better yet there's free shipping. I ended up getting three separate orders, as each time I got paid I wanted to buy more stuff. The first order I got a skirt, socks and some matching wrist cuffs. Second order I bought myself a new dress, a coat, about 5 pairs of stockings and a cute pair of bloomers. And for the third order I finally decided to get myself some tea parties, which I am so excited for. I got myself a pink and a black pair, and I'm hoping so badly that they fit perfectly. I am sowly dying waiting for my orders, and really hope they get here as soon as possible. I'll definitely review everything for you guys once I receive my stuff.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

SMASH 2014 and Indie Brand Magic Cats Street!

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SMASH this year was a lot of fun. I went with two of my friends, and we spent the day talking, buying stuff, and getting pictures with cosplayers. What was even more exciting, was a few days before the event I discovered on Facebook about a new Lolita brand called Magic Cats Street now situated in Sydney Australia that was going to be there. Of course I had to check it out, and even managed to drag my friends to go see it as soon as we got there. The brand was super cute, and everything was reasonably priced and well made. I bought a JSK and a matching bolero, and I love them so much. I'll post the pictures  from the brand down below my SMASH pictures, and I'll take pictures of me wearing my garments when I get dressed up next time.

It was also a pleasant surprise to run into two Lolita's from the Sydney Lolita Fashion community. I had them both of Facebook, and I think I met one of them at the Misako Tea Party (my memory escapes me). I had no idea who they were at first, and was surprised when I went to ask two well dressed girls for a photo and one of them recognised me and even knew my name. Not long after that my friends and I departed for home, and the only seats we found available on the train were next to the same girls. They were really nice and allowed us to sit with them, and we all had pleasant conversation between us. I'm hoping I can make it up to another meet sometime, as I'd like to see these girls again.

It was an amazing, but super tiring day. Due to SMASH being in a new venue this year, it took so much longer to get there. It took three trains to get there initially, and four on the way home. I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning and didn't come home until around 7:30. Although it was super tiring, I would definitely do it again. I also hope they keep holding it at this venue, as even though it's further away I believe I like it a lot better. It's a lot more spacious, and because of that you aren't packed against a lot of people. 

Train Selfies

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Lolita Fashion Timeline and How I've Improved!

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This was something I felt like I should show everyone. As some of us do start out as the dreaded 'itas' and a lot of us young Lolitas have very little money to spend on such decadent clothing. We all make mistakes, yet sometimes mistakes are meant to be made so we can learn from them. With effort and willingness to learn, everyone will eventually get there, no matter how horrible you started out. 

My start into Lolita Fashion wasn't all the best, but I learnt from my mistakes and have made a huge improvement. I haven't much of a budget to spend on Lolita, nor much confidence to wear the clothes, yet this is something that I love and will continue doing. Hopefully as time goes by, my outfits will get better and I will slowly have more of a wardrobe.

Supanova Sydney, 2014

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About two weeks ago I went to Supanova Pop Culture Expo. I have been going to Supanova for quite some years now, and it gets better every year (the crowd seems to increase as well ^^').

I went with a few friends, and I took lots of pictures. It was an absolute blast talking to different Cosplayers and Lolita's, and seeing so many different things. I ended up spending too much without realising it, but I'm glad I did as I love everything that I bought.

The highlight of the day would be the RWBY Maid Cafe hosted by Hanabee. It was my first time in any type of Maid Cafe, and I found it to be a lot of fun. Being a huge fan of the show added to the experience. The food wasn't very filling, but it tasted amazing. I would upload the group picture from the cafe, but I don't have all my friends permission to upload it.

I was really happy with how my coordinate turned out as well. Funny enough I ran into someone with the same dress in the exact same colour way. She was a really sweet girl, and complimented me on how I coordinated my dress. I wish I got a photo with her now, and more of a chance to talk with her. I ran into her again on my way towards catching the train home, and managed to ask how her day went just before leaving.

I spotted a No Face in the crowd

I found this amazing Princess Serenity and had to ask for a photo

Friday, 16 May 2014

Your Favourite Three Pairs of Shoes for Lolita- LBC

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This weeks theme for the Lolita Blog Carnival is 'Your Favourite Three Pairs of Shoes for Lolita'. Unfortunately I don't own any tea parties or Lolita specific shoes, but I do own many pairs of offbrand shoes that still work just as well. I hope to eventually get a pair of black and a pair of pink tea parties, as I obviously cannot keep wearing pink ballet flats with my one Sweet coord.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Lazy Lolita!

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Sure we all know about casual Lolita....but what about days when you just feel too lazy to dress up. Sometimes you can't wear Lolita for practical reasons either, such as doing sport, or attending a social event where it's not allowed. When you can't wear Lolita, what do you do?

Whether you wear Lolita all the time or on occasion, sometimes it's hard to always dress up when you feel the urge. As let's face it, Lolita isn't the most practical fashion out there. After a long day of work you might just feel too tired to get into your frills, or maybe you went out to lunch with a friend in Lolita and want to get into something comfortable as soon as you get home. What if you're sick and just need to stay in bed all day? Sometimes you just can't bear the wigs or annoying hairstyles, the head eating bows, and the space devouring petticoats, and you just want to feel comfortable....yet you still want to look cute or feel elegant right?

There's always the option of trying other Japanese Fashions. You could try out Fairy Kei or Mori girl for example. Or maybe a Lolita inspired outfit? You could wear a cutsew with a pair of jeans or a causal skirt. Or maybe even wear a Lolita dress as just a dress. You could buy an underskirt to wear underneath if you feel like you need another layer.

If you want a more comfortable approach you could try buying some room wear. I know Bodyline sold some ages ago, and hopefully they'll do it again. Room wear is basically clothes that are meant for wearing around the house, and are intended for comfort. You can get some really cute looking room wear online that you could wear to bed or around the house on days when you just want to stay at home.

Another really neat idea is to buy a dress form. If you aren't able to wear Lolita or don't feel in the mood to, you could just dress it up instead. This will help you with that urge to dress up, and give your room a little Lolita inspiration. 

Bodyline Room Wear
Dress Form

What do you do when you can't wear Lolita or feel to lazy to dress up?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!

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I went to a friends tea party today, and it was a lot of fun. There was so much nice food that I wish that I could have eaten more, but I became full very quickly. As you can see from the photo's the whole party is beautifully done, and  I commend them for doing a wonderful job. I had such great time today, and it was a chance to catch up with friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Outfit Of The Day!

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Shoes- offbrand
Skirt- Bodyline
Blouse- AnnaHouse
Petticoat- Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat II

Well here's a random outfit post. I shall try to do more little random posts when I can, as I have so little time to do actual in depth blog posts now days.

As usual I had dressed in Lolita for the anime club I attend at the local library. Considering I wear Lolita most times the club is on, and some people cosplay and also wear alternative fashion, I'd assumed that everyone who went to the library was used to it by now. Although I was wrong it seems, as we must have had a newcomer in the library this night as I got asked a very odd question.

Usually I get odd looks when I'm shopping with friends from people at school and that's usually about it. Sometimes I even get compliments which baffles and surprises me, as I have always expected negative outcomes...

Tonight though I got the dreaded "Are you going to a play?"

I have heard this response so many times on the internet from other Lolita's saying they get it all the time, yet surprisingly I have never had this asked before. I felt a little downcast from this response to be honest, as surely Lolita isn't that strange that you assume it only to be appropriate for a play. I have been feeling rather down in confidence lately to be honest, as much as I love this fashion, people still find it so strange. What is so wrong with me wanting to dress in cute clothes.

I know the random guy was just curious, and I politely responded with "no this is how I usually dress". Although it still somewhat upsets me somehow that people seem so confused by my clothing. I like to dress this way because it makes me happy, but I hate attention.

Other than that I had a great night, we even played hide & go seek in the library. In the photo of my outfit I was hiding in the disabled toilets with a friend during the game.

What was the most negative response you have had in Lolita? Have you ever had one of those days where even if you expected the response, you just felt so unhappy at a strangers comment? Talk about your experience of wearing Lolita out in public in the comments below.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Mr Yan Body Pillow Anyone?

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For those who don't know who the infamous Mr Yan is, he is the bad English speaking owner of Bodyline. He has numerous rumors about him floating around on the internet for his sketchy behavior and his liking to prey on young innocent girls as well as many other things. Here is an example.

And hilariously enough, there is an event on Facebook asking if we want a body pillow made of this guy. I'm not sure if this is legitimate or just a funny troll, but I am both in hysterics and equally creeped out by this. Either this guy has the biggest ego ever, or he thinks he's hilarious.

This event has been going for a while, and has already finished. We have yet to discover if this is a real event or not, and to see if he will actually make body pillows of himself for everyone who wants one.

What do you think of this event? Do you find it funny? Hilarious? Disturbing and creepy? Do you believe that it's a real event?

Here are some hilarious posts from the event...

Friday, 4 April 2014

A Flower Themed Coordinate- LBC

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This weeks topic for Lolita Blog Carnival is 'Create A Flower Themed Coordinate'. I wanted to create something relatively simple and affordable, reflecting my own style in Lolita. I just love Anna House's new floral dress, so I decided to base my coordination around it. What do you think?

The rest of the items (excluding the random headband) are items from Bodyline.

Here are some more flower themed coords....

Skirt and blouse- Anna House, shoes and wig- Bodyline

Bonnet and skirt- Mystery Garden, cardigan shoes and wig- Bodyline,

Check out these other flower themed coordinates ^w^

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Pleasant Weekend And a General Update!

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Well I own slightly more Lolita now. Three (wearable) dresses (I still haven't fixed my Bodyline one), three skirts, two blouses, three cutsews and three petticoats. I have plans on buying two pairs of tea parties once I have the funds, and I have a skirt still on the way. I also plan on trying to stick with Classic from now on, to help build a consistent wardrobe. Although I mainly buy whatever I see that happens to catch my eye, as sometimes I just can't help myself. I'm hoping that if I keep trying my best to save that I can eventually have heaps of Lolita.

On another note, I cut my hair really short. For years I had always wanted long hair, even as a child...but something made me want to cut it off. I think that it's easier to style this length, and I think my wig looks better on me in Lolita anyway.I might buy a wig off Bodyline in the future as I really want to start wearing more wigs. What do you guys think of my hair?

Aren't these shoes amazing
I also had a very pleasant weekend out in Lolita last Sunday. I went to a small second hand market with my mother dressed in a rather casual Lolita outfit. I was wearing the same floral dress I always wear in public, as I find it's the easiest one to wear and less eye catching, and I wore my small old petticoat as I was driving. I always find it hard to drive in my dad's small car with a petticoat for some reason (anyone else have this issue?)

My mother and I decided to make a nice day out, and we went shopping beforehand. The market itself was quite small, and it had some really weird things there, but there were also some really nice shoes. Unfortunately a lot of the shoes I liked were way to big for my tiny feet, but I did manage to finally find a nice versatile pair of shoes that fit me quite well.

The pair that I bought only cost me AUD$10...what a bargain. They were also brand new, the store lady said she was selling them because they didn't fit her. These shoes are quite comfortable, and are easy to get on and off with the velcro straps. I think these shoes will look amazing with my Mystery Garden dress.

All in all I had a wonderful day out, and surprisingly enough I even got compliments on my dress. A lady at the shopping center said she liked what I was wearing while buying lunch, and so did several of my mums friends whom we ran into at the market. The lady that I bought the shoes from said she also loved my dress, and really liked the corset lacing on the back. It was a real confidence up-lifter and made me feel positively happy.

What was a positive experience you guys have had out in Lolita?

Classical Puppets and Dear Celine Petticoats Review

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*cough cough*...well I kinda got these petticoats more than a few weeks ago, but neglected to post. School has become hectic, that mixed with work and laziness has caused me to neglect this blog a little bit. As much as I enjoy blogging, I'm still so new to all of this and it takes quite a bit of effort. Although I will attempt to stay active more from now on I promise.

I ordered Classical Puppets A-Line Petticoat III and Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat II from ClobbaOnline. Considering when I first started in Lolita Fashion I didn't have a petticoat at first, and when I eventually got one I only wore it around the house and to conventions for a couple of years, I hadn't really had a poofy petticoat recently. My first petticoat has deflated a considerable amount in the last year, and I was in need of a new one desperately. Although for daily wear I didn't need something huge, so I went with relatively small looking petticoats on purpose. I wasn't used to the idea of wearing a poofy petticoat out in the public eye either, although Lolita is something I want to stick with.

Now onto the review...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Birthday Week and Mystery Garden Review

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On Monday the 17th of February I turned seventeen. I had an amazing week overall and I had received so many amazing presents from my friends and family. My mother and father gave me a Lolita dress from the Indie brand Mystery Garden, a pair of earrings, Royal Albert Mugs, a dark red cardigan, and a Peter Alexander Nightie. My grandparents gave me a Hello Kitty bedspread with a matching pillow and another Royal Albert Tea cup. My close friend Kess gave me a black parasol.

All of my gifts were very thoughtful and I was extremely happy with the entire week. On the Monday I had Kess and my grandparents over for dinner to celebrate, the Wednesday I wore my dress to anime club and today I went to a High Tea with my mother in celebration.

Anime Club ^w^

Mum and I ready for High Tea

The amazing parasol Kess gave me

The food at the high tea

Mystery Garden Review

After an amazing week, and wearing this dress three different times you can see how easy it is to coordinate. It is quite simple and plain, but can be done up quite well with enough creativity. It's a dress that can look quite elegant, and would probably also look great in a casual Lolita coordinate. It's so simple and versatile, and that's exactly what I love about this dress. 

With a detachable waist bow you can easily make the dress have a simpler look. It is also made out of great material and feels really soft. I love how it fits me, and I love the entire design overall.

It is a dress that you could easily do up in so many ways. The amount of possibilities with this dress is almost endless because of how simple it is, and I think that's the charm of the dress.

Overall I am extremely happy.

9.5/10 for my review

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fabulous Lolita Themes Thursday: Nerdy Lolita

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So this weeks theme is more of a giant umbrella term than an actual theme...anything anime, nerdy, geeky and more....
Attack on Titan *0*

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