Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Bodyline Review

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 I got my other two Bodyline packages a couple of weeks after the last package...I just neglected to post for a variety of reasons. I'm a super busy gal (and also super lazy), but I will try my best to fit more time into blogging.

I had thought that my packages would come in order, but they did not. I first of all got the shoes delivered to me, which I ordered quite a while after everything else, than my other package came a few days later.

I ordered in the first package five pairs of stockings, a coat, a dress and a pair of bloomers, The other package was two pairs of tea parties. I ordered Bodyline L031 in purple, Bodyline H005 in off white (cream) and Bodyline PAN028 in black. As for the shoes I ordered SHOES256 in both black and pink.

Overall I'm rather happy with my order. The stockings are all good quality especially for their price of USD$3. The bloomers are quite nice, and are really light and airy. I think they will also make great pajama shorts for Summer as well. The coat is really good quality, and looks absolutely adorable. I love all the bows and the cute little pom poms on the pockets. The coat has lining and seems to sit nicely with a petticoat underneath, The coat will need a good iron before I wear it next Winter, but for now it will just sit in the cupboard.

The coat is a little thin, and wouldn't provide that much warmth. It should be fine for me if I wear rather warm clothes underneath, and seems like it will do the trick for the Australian Winter. If you however live in a really cold climate, you may not want to buy this coat to survive the Winter, but rather maybe use it for Fall instead.

The coat with nothing but a petticoat underneath

The dress I received is super pretty, and it fits surprisingly well. My only concern when I got it, was that it looked more brown than purple. I can somewhat see how it is a purple dress in a way, but they could have chosen a prettier shade don't you think? Oh well, it has polka dots on it (who doesn't love polka dots).

I wore the dress to anime club after I had received it, and to International Lolita Day. It's quite comfortable, and a decent dress for's just really hard to coordinate though.

International Lolita Day was a really hot day

The tea parties are also quite good...yet they don't fit. I went off Bodyline's shoe sizing chart, and obviously that was wrong. I think I need half a size or a whole size smaller next time I buy their shoes. By adding in some comfort gel things onto the heels they fit slightly better, and they don't move around too much with all the buckles done up thank goodness. Other than the size issue, I am quite happy with them. The colours are adorable, and I love how they are made. My favourite thing about them, is the press studs on the shoes. Once you have the buckles done up to how you desire, you no longer need to use them. Just click and un-clip the shoes using the press studs to get them on and off.

Overall I think I'd give about a 7 or an 8 out of ten for my order. As although they aren't perfect, I am pretty damn happy with what I received for such a small price.


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