Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Difference Between Cosplay Lolita and Lolita Fashion

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You've all heard it before, but whether or not you know what it is is the big question...

Cosplay Lolita! What is it?

Well from my understanding and from my own opinion, there are two categories of Cosplay Lolita. One for the Lolita which is not quite right in some ways and convention only appropriate, and someone cosplaying a Lolita character from an anime.

As everyone who is a Lolita should know already, Lolita Fashion is not a cosplay. So why is there such a thing called Cosplay Lolita? The point of this article is to point out the major differences between a Cosplay Lolita and  a partaker of the Fashion, and to bridge the understanding of why Lolita Fashion is not Cosplay and in fact a fashion.

Not Quite Right

Animal ears- Sometimes it can look alright....many other times not so much. When combining animal ears into Lolita Fashion there are ways to make it work, and it definitely can. Although this is extremely hard and should only be a challenge for the experienced Lolita. The ways in which they don't work is what makes it stand out. When combining animal ears you can easily make it work by having a bunny hoodie, or matching it up somehow with the colour scheme or print on you dress, not just randomly shoving a pair of cat ears on your head. Wearing a random pair of cat ears and a tail is all right for conventions and a bit of fun, but this then makes your outfit fall under the category of Cosplay Lolita, and not Lolita Fashion.

An extremely cute outfit. There is nothing wrong with how she is dressed,
 but this is convention appropriate only. What she is wearing is not Lolita
 Fashion but  Cosplay Lolita, this is because of the cat ears and the lack
of a blouse and many other contributing factors.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year- 2014

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I couldn't help but wear Lolita as soon as I got home ^^'
Tea and Gingerbread for afternoon tea

Well my New Year was spent slaving away at McDonald's for eight hours, but hey look on the bright side of things...all this money for more Lolita.

I hope you guys have all had a good New Years, and hopefully everyone looks forward to the oncoming year. I hope everyone is healthy and happy for another year, and I wish everyone the best for whatever challenges they may face.

I myself will be going into year eleven once the school year commences, so I am rather apprehensive about the year of 2014. I will continue on with my passions and hobbies, Lolita Fashion especially, but the focus on studying will push everything back a bit.

My Lolita Fashion New Years Resolutions-

* Get at least one pair of Tea Parties

* Learn to coordinate better

* Get more Casual/Daily Outfits

* Wear Lolita more than once a week

* Own something from Baby the Stars Shine Bright

* Own at least three blouses

* Buy three more versatile dresses/Skirts

* Become more confident wearing Lolita

* Buy a new A-line petticoat

* Buy a small bell shaped petticoat

What is everyone else's goals for 2014?


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