Thursday, 28 November 2013

Fabulous Lolita Theme's Thursday: Crazy Cat Lady

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I originally got this idea from the F yeah Lolita blog. This isn't really an uncommon theme, as there are many Lolita cat prints, but I was in search of someone who actually had an adoration for cats...and guess what I found one.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fabulous Lolita Theme's Thursday: Viking

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Viking Lolita anyone?


Viking Lolita


Monday, 18 November 2013

To Be Or Not To Be?

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Should I, or should I not become a Classic Lolita?

Being rather new to Lolita Fashion as a whole, I have great knowledge of the fashion yet not much of this knowledge put into practice. I have quite the small oddly distributed wardrobe consisting only of off brand pieces, and very little no how of actually putting into practice what I preach. This little blog post is going to be some random musings and a little bit of rambling here and there, so only read on at your own free will.

Now let's get started to what the hell I am rambling on about. What is my problem you ask? Well firstly I am in a bit of confusion as to what Lolita sub style I want to be a part of exactly. Before I had no problem with being into all the sub styles, and always thought I would love and have all of them...but that is not such a simple matter. The problem isn't that I I am confused about which style I love, as I really do love them all...yet there are a number of problems cropping up from trying to achieve a wardrobe full of every style.

At the moment I have a Gothic Anna House Op, some off brand Classic Lolita JSK, a Hello Kitty JSK, a Bodyline JSK, a bell shaped Bodyline skirt, White Moon Strawberry Chocolate Skirt, some brown/grey off brand A-line Skirt, a Bodyline Blouse, and a BodyLine cut sew. As you see this is not a very impressive wardrobe...I don't even have proper Lolita shoes.

So far I have been getting by, by wearing casual Lolita and half finished coordination's; I don't have anything at all very Over The Top. I hope to one day make it to the status of a Life Style Lolita, yet at my current age and problems with my parents, none of this can easily be achieved.

So I had myself thinking...should I become a Classic Lolita? 

I obviously want to save money and finish off my current coordination's, yet after that I want to start 'really' getting into Lolita. If I have so many sub styles to cater for I am going to have a very hard time trying to build a decent wardrobe.

Classic Lolita was the last sub style I got into. I always saw myself as a Gothic at first, moved onto Sweet, then came into purchasing a Classic Lolita dress to please my parents. Yet nothing I have ever purchased has met my mothers satisfaction. I want to be able to wear what I want, be happy, and have a positive opinion from mother.

 I thought Classic was the way to go at first, and was severely disappointed to find that she didn't like my Classic Dress.Yet after discussion with her, I found she didn't like it because she felt it looked too 'Anne of Green Gables'. She wants me to wear something Elegant, and not country like, and definitely nothing cute like what I have been wearing so far.

After looking around at some Indie Brands for a while, I found this wonderful dress on Mystery Garden. I instantly fell in love, thinking that I must have this dress. I posted a picture of it on Facebook, saying how I would sell my soul for this very dress, and surprisingly got positive feedback from both my parents. Both of them commented on the dress, and both of them liked it to the point they started talking to me about it afterwards.

The dress I want from Mystery Garden (which is black, yet looks brown on my blog ;-;)

So this had me thinking...I have had so much negative feedback on all my previous outfit ideas, so why not become a Classic Lolita now that I know what my mother likes. I feel most comfortable out in the public eye when wearing Classic Lolita, I only own an A-line petticoat, and I want to get my mothers approval of what I wear.

Many of you may be thinking, who the hell cares about your mum. Well I don't really care to some extent...she is also happy as long as I am happy.Yet I really love the feeling when she says she likes something that I wear, so becoming a Classic Lolita may not be such a bad idea.

If I budget and keep track of my money I can start building up a decent wardrobe. I need a pair of brown and pink tea parties to finish off my coordination's, and then I'm all set in terms of accessories. I still need to buy a bell shaped petticoat, but really I don't want one. With my old one on the way out, I want to use this money to buy a new A-line petticoat, rather than a new bell shaped one. I prefer to wear my bell shaped garments without a petticoat as it is so much more comfortable. If I ever needed to dress up for an event with a bell shaped garment, I could borrow off my friend who only ever wears her one Lolita Dress to costume parties and anime conventions.

I already have heaps of Gothic and Classic accessories, suitable heels and flats, and many versatile pieces of clothing that could easily work with Classic Lolita. If I build a wardrobe mainly consisting of black, and other solid colours of Classic Lolita with the occasional Gothic garment here or there, then I will be able to have an extensive wardrobe I am comfortable going out in daily.

I will in the future not be able to control myself and will still buy that 'impulse' purchase, and find myself buying Sweet Lolita, and that is ok. Yet for now, I want to wear outfits that I can wear out all the time, and feel most comfortable and happy in. Save the Sweet and all the detailed prints for conventions and special outings, and continue on with my dream of becoming a lifestyle Lolita.

So what do you think? Do you think I should try to control my urge to be cute and try to go for a practical ideal? Do you think becoming a Classic Lolita will be the best option for me?

No one other than myself can obviously tell what is right for me, but I would like to know of everyone's opinions, so feel free to start discussion :)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fabulous Lolita Themes Thursday: Doctor Who

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This weeks theme is Doctor Who :)

I myself am a really big fan of Doctor Who fan, and so are all my family. Just looking at all these pictures is making me squeal and feel rather jealous, I really want a Doctor Who coordination now >.<

I really want this one, how cute is it *-*

Through Time and Space


Hello, I'm The Doctor. Basically...Run

Let us be human

The Two Doctors
omg twin Lolita >.<

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Beach Lolita

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Well I have already written a blog post on wearing Lolita in the summertime...but what about the beach? Obviously Lolita Fashion is just not practical for the beach, you can't have your pretty petticoats and your nice shoes ruined with sand and sea water. Yet you don't want to wear plain boring clothes just to go to the beach. Although you can still wear cute clothes, and Lolita look-a-like outfits to the beach, just not actual Lolita. Ditch the petticoat, and go for something practical.

How I Got Interested in Lolita Fashion

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Well I'm new to blogging as a whole, and new to the Lolita Blog Carnival. So here is my first Lolita Blog Carnival post, I hope it's all right :)

How I got interested in Lolita Fashion?

How I got into the fashion originally is a little bit ambiguous, as I didn't just 'discover' Lolita and then suddenly get into it. To explain exactly how I got interested in the fashion, I will have to go back into the history of how I first got into anime.

Yeah I know, I know...being a Lolita who is into anime is a common stereotype, which may or may not always be true. Many Lolita's are into anime I believe, because that is how they got introduced into Japanese culture and fashion. Not all Lolita's are into anime, but certainly many are. And that is exactly how I got introduced into the fashion.

Gothic and Lolita as portrayed in anime and manga
(which isn't usually how it actually is)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Fabulous Lolita Themes Thursday: Pokémon

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Well I'm going to try this thing...

Every Thursday (well hopefully every Thursday ^^') I shall have a theme post. In this theme post I will post pictures of what I believe to be interesting Lolita Coordinations, based on a common theme. Some of these posts may feature some rather 'experimental' stuff, and some outfits that may not be quite to everyone's taste, and may even veer off some of the standard Lolita 'rules'. This is more for a little fun, not to be taken too seriously, and to show how some people can get creative with their much loved Lolita fashion. So if you don't agree that something I post is considered 'true' Lolita, well chillax and take a step back, this is just a little bit of fun. After all this did originally start out as an experimental street fashion. We should all experiment with fashion and have fun with it, Lolita is no exception.

The first theme for today is Pokémon. I am not really a fan of Pokémon myself, but I did watch it as a kid and I have a great respect for its fandom (plus Pikachu is super adorable).

Miss Lillith

Pokémon Waist Cincher
This would look great with a
black Lolita dress don't you think?

Bulbasaur Lolita Coord
How cute is this?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Widely Misunderstood Brolita

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A Brolita pen pal of mine
Imagine you were looking on the internet at this cute, adorable well dressed young girl wearing the most amazing Lolita dress and striking a super adorable pose. You'd stare at the picture and wonder who it was right...what if you discovered they were a guy...would you get freaked out?

To the Lolita community a male wearer of Lolita Fashion is commonly known as a 'Brolita'. Just like the female counterparts they enjoy dressing up and wearing cute and elegant Lolita clothing. Many males wanting to wear Loita Fashion generally stick to the more masculine styles such as Ouji or Kodona. Yet the 'Brolita's as they are commonly known, are the ones that generally cross the line drawn by society and dress themselves to their best in cute Lolita garments.

Many people mistake and greatly misunderstand Brolita's. Many assume it to be a weird fetish, or claim that a guy dressing up in this way is a ridiculous notion. Yet Brolita's are human just like us, and very much the same as every other Lolita on the planet.

Just like girls who wear Lolita Fashion, not everyone gets it right. There will be guys even after many years of being in the fashion who still may look ita, and people who call their garments Lolita when they are clearly not. Yet those guys who wear Lolita the right way and follow all the rules, are still Lolita's.

These guys wear the clothes for the same reasons anyone else would. They may wear them to feel pretty, be creative or just to feel happy. Some people think that a guy wearing Lolita Fashion is a concept so hard to fathom, but why should the men miss out on all the fun? Some guys can even wear Lolita Fashion better than some females.

Societies views on what is and isn't feminine is what really ruins it for men. A guy can't wear a dress because that is what 'man' has decided. Since the beginning of time dresses have been considered something worn by only females, so a male wanting to dress this way is considered wrong. What you call feminine and masculine is only one person's view and perspective on life, if a man wants to wear a dress then he should be able to. He may not even consider it to be feminine, he may just like it. There is nothing wrong with a male being into this fashion, or even cross dressing in general if it is done right. If it isn't harming you then there is nothing wrong with it.

Also believe it or not Mana is a guy...

Being a Lolita you probably would have heard of him in some shape or form, even if you do not know about him exactly. Mana is a Japanese musician and fashion designer best known for his role as lead guitarist in the Visual Kei band Malice Mizer. His clothing label Moi-même-Moitié helped popularise Gothic Lolita Fashion, and helped to evolve it into the Fashion we know today.

Yes a popular and very significant Lolita Fashion idol is in fact a guy. If this guy can be so greatly respected, why can not all other males in the Lolita Fashion community be respected as well?

Also another thing that would be worth checking out is this Lolita Fashion documentary called Sugar Coated. It shows the views of a small minority of individuals within the Fashion community, and in fact has a brolita in it. This will help you get a better understanding of how they feel wearing the clothes they do, and exactly why they do it.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The know how of Casual Lolita

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As amazing as Over The Top (OTT) Lolita Fashion is let's face
it, it's just not practical for everyday wear. An over the top Lolita outfit will not only make you stand out and look a little crazy, but will be very impracticable in your everyday life. Although...why should you have to get rid of your frills for everyday life? You should wear what you feel happy and comfortable with shouldn't you? Even the over the top lifestyle Lolita will have an occasion or an event where dressing down is required. So here's the simple do's and don't's of dressing down your frills.

Cardigans, cut-sews and t-shirts

Casual Lolita still retains the basic elements of Lolita Fashion, yet is a more toned down version of the style. Casual Lolita is best described as what a Lolita will wear when 'not dressing up'. So don't forget to keep the key ingredients of a Lolita outfit in mind when creating a coordination.

A great casual Lolita outfit can be made with any colour or Lolita sub-style, as long as you remember to match colours, prints you normally would with any Lolita outfit.  

To keep things toned down for everyday life and for comfort, there are many options. Many brands sell simple cut-sews for this purpose. A cut-sew will be more comfortable than a blouse paired with a skirt, and will have a more causal toned down look. There are many affordable cut-sews out there for the daily Lolita, with Bodyline cut-sews being a great option, and affordable second hand pieces can be acquired from EGL sales and even Closet Child from time to time.


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