Sunday, 23 February 2014

Birthday Week and Mystery Garden Review

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On Monday the 17th of February I turned seventeen. I had an amazing week overall and I had received so many amazing presents from my friends and family. My mother and father gave me a Lolita dress from the Indie brand Mystery Garden, a pair of earrings, Royal Albert Mugs, a dark red cardigan, and a Peter Alexander Nightie. My grandparents gave me a Hello Kitty bedspread with a matching pillow and another Royal Albert Tea cup. My close friend Kess gave me a black parasol.

All of my gifts were very thoughtful and I was extremely happy with the entire week. On the Monday I had Kess and my grandparents over for dinner to celebrate, the Wednesday I wore my dress to anime club and today I went to a High Tea with my mother in celebration.

Anime Club ^w^

Mum and I ready for High Tea

The amazing parasol Kess gave me

The food at the high tea

Mystery Garden Review

After an amazing week, and wearing this dress three different times you can see how easy it is to coordinate. It is quite simple and plain, but can be done up quite well with enough creativity. It's a dress that can look quite elegant, and would probably also look great in a casual Lolita coordinate. It's so simple and versatile, and that's exactly what I love about this dress. 

With a detachable waist bow you can easily make the dress have a simpler look. It is also made out of great material and feels really soft. I love how it fits me, and I love the entire design overall.

It is a dress that you could easily do up in so many ways. The amount of possibilities with this dress is almost endless because of how simple it is, and I think that's the charm of the dress.

Overall I am extremely happy.

9.5/10 for my review

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fabulous Lolita Themes Thursday: Nerdy Lolita

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So this weeks theme is more of a giant umbrella term than an actual theme...anything anime, nerdy, geeky and more....
Attack on Titan *0*

Anna House Review

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I have always been a fan of Anna House since I purchased my first first dress. I've been stalking their online store for a couple of years now, and gushing over the pretty clothes. Although I am extremely happy with the Anna House OP I own, I have never actually bought directly off their web shop as I purchased my dress through One Day in Paradise. Yet after buying my first order from them...I dare say I am pleased. 

I had purchased Top 016-1350/White/Small and Other 018-1339/White/Medium from their webshop. My order came extremely quick, and it's only been a little under a week. I wasn't expecting to get my packages until after my birthday, so I am extremely surprised and happy. I feel like I have gotten a little pre-birthday gift now ^w^ (my birthday is on Monday)

They were packaged nicely and put in bubble wrap as well

I excitedly tried both the bloomers and the blouse on after giving them a thorough examine. The material on the blouse looks and feels nice, although regretfully it's a little see through at the back and you can see my bra straps (this will not work very well in hot weather). Besides me nitpicking at that little detail I am overall extremely happy with both of my purchases. The blouse has really cute buttons, a detachable bow and fits me really well. The bloomers are also very comfortable and don't seem scratchy or itchy on my legs either. Both are extremely nice for the decent price they are, and I am extremely pleased overall.

Lace up and detachable bow
Although a little more pricey then Bodyline, I have got to say I think I am going to purchase off Anna House from now on. Just by looking at the images you can already tell that the clothes are better quality, and compared to my stiff uncomfortable Bodyline blouse this feels way more comfortable and fitting. Anna House looks more professional and their clothes are much better quality.

Overall I give it a 10/10 for my order

As a side note I'll be ordering two new petticoats, two pairs of Bodyline shoes and possibly a new dress, I am also recieving a Mystery Garden dress for my birthday. So expect more reviews soon :)

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