Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I Have Aquired a Bike

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As the title may suggest, I now have a super cute vintage styled push bike. I bought this online second hand and got my parents to help me pick it up (it barely fit in the car). After a good clean up and some customisation, I have fallen in love with it.

 I plan to be riding my bike in whatever I feel like wearing, and yes this includes Lolita Fashion and everything else I wear. However I am still going to try and be somewhat conventional with my outfit choices when I know I want to go out and ride (i.e. nothing too expensive, long and no crazy accessories).

I have had a few small rides on my bike so far, however I am not a very fit person so it will take me some time to build up my stamina. I plan to use this as a means of transportation once I build up my fitness level enough to ride it for long distances.

SMASH 2016

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I know this post is god awful late and I haven't been using this blog in a long time, but I really have no excuses for it. So here you go, some late SMASH Anime and Manga Convention pictures.

This year I decided to try out Fairy Kei for the first time, instead of a cosplay option or my usual Lolita. Since I wear Lolita Fashion mostly in my everyday now, I didn't see the point of wearing it to a convetion personally, since they are like casual clothes are too everyone else. I really wanted to dress up and have some fun, so Fairy Kei was my chance to do this and be creative.

I only attended the Sunday and only made it there at about lunch time, but all in all I had a fabulous time. I met with a lot of friends and people from my Lolita community while I was there, so it was great to see some friendly faces and catch up with some people.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Gallery Meet

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The other day I caught up with my Lolita community at the Art Gallery of NSW. It has been a very long time since I have made it to a Lolita Meet. I barely know the girls in my community and it had been more than a year since I last made it to a meet. I only managed to make it to a quick lunch time gathering the previous year and I've been to the Misako Tea Party. So therefore I was still quite shy and awkward.

My boyfriend came along to the meet with me which made me feel a lot better. I have to travel quite a way to get to my community and I get lost easily, so going alone was just not an option for me. I'm glad he is more than happy to come along to events like this with me.

We went to an art gallery which was a lot of fun. The art was really nice to look at, and there was a painting by Monet which was by far my favourite. It was my second time going to this gallery and it was so much more fun going with a big group of Lolita's. The exhibition we saw was called the 'The Greats: masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland', and all the art was gorgeous.

There were a lot of girls who showed up late, so we ended up spending quite a time in the gallery, allowing everyone to look properly at the art. So I ended up socialising and meeting a lot of interesting people. I gushed over everyone's coordinates, as everyone looked so beautiful.

I met quite a lot of interesting people and I hope I can form friendships form this community. I bonded with a girl over Hello Kitty after I announced her Hello Kitty backpack was super cute, she then continued to show me every Hello Kitty item within. I received many friend requests on Facebook after the meet and I had sent some myself to the girls that I met.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I am hoping to make it to more frequent meets. It was a super exhausting day with the travel and being on my feet all day. We went to the art gallery and then walked out to have lunch. Afterwards many left to go home or went on their own way, so my boyfriend and I decided to hit up Kinokuniya since we were out in Sydney.

Group Photo :D

The Boyfriend and I

I made some friends. I loved their coordinates so I asked for a photo.


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