Friday, 14 November 2014

Bodyline Review

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Who could honestly resist the free shipping and all the cheap prices on Bodyline...honestly who could? Of course I had to go ahead and buy heaps of things from Bodyline while I could still get amazing bargains. I bought three separate orders, and have been waiting for what feels like forever to get all my stuff.

I finally got my first package delivered this afternoon, and I almost squealed in delight at the excitement. I ordered Bodyline Skirt L401, a pair of socks, and these wrist cuffs.

My skirt in an idea for a casual coord
I am extremely happy with the skirt, it's amazing quality and the print is so cute. It's slightly lose on me and I feel like it could do with a much bigger petticoat than what I own, but this is just me nit picking rather than complaining. The skirt overall was priced at US$16 when I bought it, and was of course cheaper after doing the yen trick. This you can agree is an amazing bargain, overall I'm extremely pleased.

socks and wrist cuffs
My only complaint is that it is not the colour I wanted. I wanted to buy the skirt in light pink, and even bought wrist cuffs to match with it. I'm not sure if I bought the wrong colour by mistake, or if
there has been a slight mishap somewhere along the line. It's more likely my own fault as I was a little confused when trying to pick the colour. I clicked the same letters that were on the light pink skirt though, so I don't know what's happened there.

The wrist cuffs are extremely nice, and I'm really happy with them as my first pair of wrist cuffs. The lace quality is nice, and the pearls are a pretty touch. Of course just like the skirt, the wrist cuffs are slightly lose on me as I'm a tiny little thing with little wrists as well as a tiny little waist. I might go and buy myself a black and white pair to go with one of my other dresses next time I make an order, as I'm extremely pleased with the quality. Although they aren't the same shade of pink as my skirt, I'm sure they'll still do fine. The tea parties I ordered are also light pink, so I'm hoping that'll tie the whole outfit in.

The knee high socks I ordered were just as I expected for the price. The socks themselves are made out of pretty decent cotton, but the lace is pretty cheap and it has crappy satin ribbons. The lace itself isn't too bad and it isn't exactly noticeable. Although one of the ribbons on the socks doesn't sit right, and it really annoys me. I'm wondering if I can somehow take them off without ruining the entire sock.

All in all I'm pleased with my order. Everyone know's Bodyline isn't perfect, especially in the Lolita Fashion scene, but you get what you pay for. I think I've managed to pick up some great bargains that will work great in casual outfits. Overall I give my order a 6/10, and I cannot wait to see what my next package brings.

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