Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I Have Aquired a Bike

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As the title may suggest, I now have a super cute vintage styled push bike. I bought this online second hand and got my parents to help me pick it up (it barely fit in the car). After a good clean up and some customisation, I have fallen in love with it.

 I plan to be riding my bike in whatever I feel like wearing, and yes this includes Lolita Fashion and everything else I wear. However I am still going to try and be somewhat conventional with my outfit choices when I know I want to go out and ride (i.e. nothing too expensive, long and no crazy accessories).

I have had a few small rides on my bike so far, however I am not a very fit person so it will take me some time to build up my stamina. I plan to use this as a means of transportation once I build up my fitness level enough to ride it for long distances.

SMASH 2016

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I know this post is god awful late and I haven't been using this blog in a long time, but I really have no excuses for it. So here you go, some late SMASH Anime and Manga Convention pictures.

This year I decided to try out Fairy Kei for the first time, instead of a cosplay option or my usual Lolita. Since I wear Lolita Fashion mostly in my everyday now, I didn't see the point of wearing it to a convetion personally, since they are like casual clothes are too everyone else. I really wanted to dress up and have some fun, so Fairy Kei was my chance to do this and be creative.

I only attended the Sunday and only made it there at about lunch time, but all in all I had a fabulous time. I met with a lot of friends and people from my Lolita community while I was there, so it was great to see some friendly faces and catch up with some people.

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