Monday, 15 July 2013

Lolita's With Glasses

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 20:58

I have heard it asked multiple times by new Lolita' it ok to wear glasses?

Wearing glasses in Lolita Fashion most certainly is accepted. Some of us can't or just don't want to wear contacts so we are stuck with good old fashioned glasses so we can see. You shouldn't be stumbling around bumping into things and squinting your eyes just for a fashion statement. Although a lot of Lolita's do wear contact lenses for the big eyed doll look, this is not essential.

Try to make it work. If you are concerned that wearing glasses won't suit Lolita don't fret and get your frilly knickers in a knot. There are plenty of Lolita's who wear glasses, you just need to put some effort into making it work.

Try for a simple frame. If you wear Lolita often and multiple sub styles, then you may just want to get a simple pair. Buying a plain black or silver pair will go with many styles and won't draw too much attention to them. You could also go with a cute nerdy pair or a retro style, they would look pretty awesome with most sub styles.

Get them to match your look. Are you a Sweet Lolita or a Classic? Some people like to stick mainly to one sub style, if so you could have fun choosing an awesome pair of glasses to match with all your outfits. If you are an over the top Sweet Lolita, then try going for a cute pink pair, or some cute little Hello Kitty ones. You could easily have your glasses as the most eye catching part of your coordinate.

Go for more than one pair. If you like to change up from Sweet to Gothic or you just want to have a pair of glasses to go with each outfit, why not get two pairs. Get a nice pink pair and then a black pair if you want, two that are the complete opposite from each other so they will go with more styles.


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