Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I Have Aquired a Bike

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 17:09

As the title may suggest, I now have a super cute vintage styled push bike. I bought this online second hand and got my parents to help me pick it up (it barely fit in the car). After a good clean up and some customisation, I have fallen in love with it.

 I plan to be riding my bike in whatever I feel like wearing, and yes this includes Lolita Fashion and everything else I wear. However I am still going to try and be somewhat conventional with my outfit choices when I know I want to go out and ride (i.e. nothing too expensive, long and no crazy accessories).

I have had a few small rides on my bike so far, however I am not a very fit person so it will take me some time to build up my stamina. I plan to use this as a means of transportation once I build up my fitness level enough to ride it for long distances.

A small morning ride
I am very happy with the cute design of the bike and I am hoping to increase my wellbeing by getting out more. By riding in my cute clothes, getting some sunshine and exercise, my health both physically and mentally will surely improve.

The arrival of this new bike in my life alone has made me extremely happy, so hopefully this will be a new form of exercise for me now that I can partake in while wearing Lolita.

Are there any other Lolita's out there who also like to bike ride, maybe in their cute clothes as well? Please do share some images with me if you do, I would love to see.

Also don't forget lovelies, if you plan to bike in skirts to be careful of exposing yourself. For longer skirts like Lolita you can simply wear cute shorts or bloomers underneath and a skirt weight or skirt garter might also come in handy for you.

I couldn't help myself, I added flowers to the basket


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