Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Amazing Lolita Documentaries

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 23:03
Well I wanted to just compose a small post today on what I believe to be amazing Lolita documentaries. These documentaries will not only help those new to the style and learning about its roots but help everyone learn the sense and feeling of community and what Lolita means to individuals around the world. Some of these documentaries I found to actually be rather inspiring.

Lace and Petticoats

A simple Australian documentary (woohoo that's where I'm from) explaining what Lolita and its subculture is, about the community and some of the misconceptions society come up with.

Hors Serie (don't ask me what it means)

Well for one I never experted myself to be watching something in French, yet somehow I did. I am glad I actually got myself to watch this once when I was bored, because this is definitely inspiring. This documentary really goes in depth about how much Lolita means to each individual and the community aspect of it.

Sugar Coated

This is by far my favourite Lolita Fashion documentary, it really brought to light some of the issues people deal with being a Lolita from day to day. I felt like this really brought to light what Lolita meant to some people, and especially how much it meant to the girls (and guy) in this video. I admit actually tearing up watching this video, it really got to me.

Well this one isn't on YouTube so here's a good old fashioned text link: The Story Behind the Frills and BowsI really liked how they talked about Lolita Fashion in this one, I felt like these girls really brought to light what Lolita meant. I love how at the end they're all like “Lolita fashion is about... me!”


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