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Bodyline Review

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 16:01
My second time purchasing off Bodyline and I can now say I am apprehensive about buying online without looking up proper reviews first. I purchased Bodyline L110Bodyline L130 (OWH), Bodyline PAN079 and as extras ACC701 and ACCESSORY988 (beg).

I knew the dress would not be the most traditional Lolita piece and after trying to look up reviews the best I could find was the tag on Lolita tips. I had purchased two cutsews and a skirt from them before and was extremely pleased, so I thought it wasn't too much of a risk. I was in need of a JSK that looked very casual and looked more Punk/Gothic so I could wear it with my platform converse on days when I just couldn't be bothered to wear uncomfortable shoes.

Well my purchase arrived roughly two weeks more or less after I purchased (I was on a holiday so my sister received the package for me). As soon as I got my package I rushed up to my room to open everything and try my items on. I first opened the smallest packages (going with my rule leave the best for last :p). The compact mirror was cute yet had a horrible mark on the mirror and had to be cleaned thoroughly before it could be used, but that was expected for only a $1. Now the mirror is clean, besides having a tiny mark on it it is perfectly usable. I am quite pleased with the flower hair accessory and love the way it looks in my hair, for only a $1 I think it was great value for money.

After trying the blouse on I found it to be a bit big in the bust, but I was expecting that before I bought it. It looks perfectly fine under all my JSK's and I think it is absolutely adorable. It came with a detachable bow and the material is quite sturdy. It seems very stiff but after a wash and an iron I'm sure it will feel a lot more comfortable. As my fist blouse I am very pleased with it and might even consider buying more from Bodyline.

I have yet to try the bloomers on as they are waiting to be washed, they although look like they will work just fine for their purpose.

The dress on the other hand is where the disappointment comes in. I needed a really casual dress and the dress fulfils that role yet there are some major disappointments. The buckles were a bit detracting from the elegant look of the dress and I was bit annoyed at the fact I am rather short. I have all this excess fabric hanging down because I had to do the buckles almost all the way- I am even thinking of cutting off some of the fabric. The belt is what I liked best about the design, yet that was a bit of a let down as well. I am extremely skinny so the belt had to be done up quite a bit, and the same problem like with the buckles applies, I have all this excess fabric just hanging there off my dress. I had to use a bobby pin just to keep the fabric from flapping around. The dress definitely looks better in the picture than it does in person, and does not suit well for someone as short as me.

That although is not the most disappointment of the dress, the major problem is the buttons. The dress has cheap plastic fabric covered buttons attached to it. After trying the dress on a button fell off and upon closer inspection I found that it had actually broken. The plastic bit of the button had broken off and I will not be able to sew it back on. Later on as I was wearing my dress around the house a second button fell off, then later a third. The second merely just fell off, the third had broken the same. I was very annoyed at this and even wrote a complaint email to Bodyline about it, yet this was all I got in reply.

You have to repair it with plastic Adhesive. 
I am so sorry I can't help you.
Thank you.

This is rather annoying as I can not simply repair them due to the way they broke. I will now have to match the buttons up or simply replace them all. So I am very annoyed at Bodyline and have learnt my lesson to only buy things with good online reviews. The dress although is not a complete failure, once I replace the buttons and cut some fabric off it will do its purpose just fine. I am looking forward once the dress has been fixed to making some good coordination's with it. The fabric is of good quality and it takes my petticoat quite well. I even think it might need a better petticoat then my crappy old one.

I'll post pictures of myself wearing the blouse and dress once the blouse is washed and ironed and the dress has been properly fixed up.

I am actually considering taking the belt off as it looks better, although then it will no longer fit me^^'


Laura Morrigan on 6 October 2013 at 19:17 said...

It is disappointing that it has so many flaws, when you pay $50 for an item, you do expect it not to have damage. I hope that my Bodyline orders come through ok! Can you take it in at the side seams at all so that it fits you better?

Caitlin George on 6 October 2013 at 22:11 said...

Problem is I can not sew...I think that if I just fix all the things I mentioned it will look fine. I'm sure you're order will come through fine, this isn't a popular dress from Bodyline so I expected there to be some problem here or there (just not like this T^T). I think that looking up reviews is the key thing to buying from them and just being smart with what you buy. I took a bit of a risk buying this dress and in the end it's not too much effort replacing all the buttons.

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