Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Supanova Sydney, 2014

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 17:37
About two weeks ago I went to Supanova Pop Culture Expo. I have been going to Supanova for quite some years now, and it gets better every year (the crowd seems to increase as well ^^').

I went with a few friends, and I took lots of pictures. It was an absolute blast talking to different Cosplayers and Lolita's, and seeing so many different things. I ended up spending too much without realising it, but I'm glad I did as I love everything that I bought.

The highlight of the day would be the RWBY Maid Cafe hosted by Hanabee. It was my first time in any type of Maid Cafe, and I found it to be a lot of fun. Being a huge fan of the show added to the experience. The food wasn't very filling, but it tasted amazing. I would upload the group picture from the cafe, but I don't have all my friends permission to upload it.

I was really happy with how my coordinate turned out as well. Funny enough I ran into someone with the same dress in the exact same colour way. She was a really sweet girl, and complimented me on how I coordinated my dress. I wish I got a photo with her now, and more of a chance to talk with her. I ran into her again on my way towards catching the train home, and managed to ask how her day went just before leaving.

I spotted a No Face in the crowd

I found this amazing Princess Serenity and had to ask for a photo

RWBY Maid Cafe

Ruby's set. It was a shame they were out of Ramune...

Lollipop *-*

I bought heaps more badges for my convention bag

Sweets :3

I swear the number of people attending increases heaps every year

The days purchases-
Sailor Moon t-shirt
Lolita over the knee socks
Alice bow
Sailor Moon compacts
And a free McDonald's My Little Pony


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