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My Lolita Fashion Timeline and How I've Improved!

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This was something I felt like I should show everyone. As some of us do start out as the dreaded 'itas' and a lot of us young Lolitas have very little money to spend on such decadent clothing. We all make mistakes, yet sometimes mistakes are meant to be made so we can learn from them. With effort and willingness to learn, everyone will eventually get there, no matter how horrible you started out. 

My start into Lolita Fashion wasn't all the best, but I learnt from my mistakes and have made a huge improvement. I haven't much of a budget to spend on Lolita, nor much confidence to wear the clothes, yet this is something that I love and will continue doing. Hopefully as time goes by, my outfits will get better and I will slowly have more of a wardrobe.

Sometime in 2011
When I knew very little about the fashion
(Yes horrible isn't it. I'm not even wearing a petticoat)

October, 2011
I have made some improvement and even own my first petticoat

January, 2012
I have this awful problem where I can't tell the difference
between white and cream...even to this day... I don't even
know why. I always make sure to ask someone now if I'm unsure.

February, 2013
I didn't have a bell-shape petticoat, and nothing to go with the skirt
so I improvised. I used a small tutu which did almost nothing to the skirt, and
 random things from my wardrobe. It almost isn't Lolita unfortunately, but it was
 the best I could do at the time.

March, 2013
As you can see, I was so caught up in getting as much Lolita as I could that
I didn't really bother with trying to get many foundation pieces such as blouses.
I still don't own a bell-shaped petticoat, and I'm using a makeshift tutu again.

April, 2013
A somewhat decent casual Lolita outfit with my first Bodyline cutsew.
I have a really cute handbag with a small bow on it that you can't see.

June, 2013
I think my Guro coord turned out quite well 

June, 2013
Really bad lighting, and my smile is awful. I have discovered
that I may be more suited to Classic Lolita.

July, 2013
 I think this was my Lolita Fashion break through... I get better from here on out.

August, 2013

September, 2013
It would be Lolita if I had a petticoat...
I'm wearing a cute casual tee and lace tights with this outfit.

October, 2013

December, 2013
I met Misako *squeals*

January, 2014
The same causal outfit, but with a wig.

February, 2014
The dress I got for my birthday. It was a really hot day.

February, 2014
This is my second blouse, my first blouse I didn't like.

February, 2014
I have red roses in a high bun and matching red heels

March, 2014
I didn't want to leave the house, so I didn't bother with makeup

March, 2014
I got a new A-line petticoat as well as a bell-shaped one

March, 2014

April, 2014
It was a rather hot day so I didn't bother with a blouse, so I crossed
over the straps at the back and put on some gloves to minimise the skin exposure

April, 2014
I have small red roses in my wig

April, 2014

April, 2014
The main idea for this outfit was comfort, as I was at home studying

April, 2014

May, 2014

May, 2014

May, 2014
I had curled and dyed my hair that morning, for the Alice in
 Wonderland tea party I was attending

May, 2014
A purposely toned down outfit, worn with my old petticoat.

May, 2014
First time wearing a new wig off Ebay ^w^

May, 2014
I almost died when I got this skirt, as I loved it so much

May, 2014
I was so happy when I realised I had a skirt that matched my macron ring

June, 2014
I don't think I parted the fringe quite so well this time around O.o

June, 2014
This wig is the bob that I usually wear, the pigtails are detachable

June, 2014
I think this is the only coordinate I have made with this blouse. It's
too big for me and can can't be worn unless it's under a dress. I also dislike
the design and cheap lace. I don't know why I keep holding onto it.

July, 2014
Tea with a close friend ^w^

So what do you think of my Lolita Fashion timeline? I believe that I've come a long way and have made a lot of improvements. I'm a very casual Lolita with very little money, I spend more than I should on Lolita already. I'm always cutting it close with my expenses, buying a pair of shoes just for a new outfit, or spending all my savings on a must have dress, leaving very little money left for things that I actually need.

I try to be resourceful with the little money I have, and I buy a lot of Lolitable items from mainstream stores and buy predominately Indie and Offbrand. A while ago, I bought my first second hand dress for a bargain price from a Lolita friend on Facebook (the Bodyline Cards Dress).

I don't think I own a single accessory that's considered a 'Lolita item' (other than matching bows), yet as you can see I manage to make everything work. I have gotten pretty good at finding things in store that work with my outfits, and I try to be patient and collect different things for my coordinates.

I hope to continue on with my dream of eventually becoming a lifestyle Lolita, and hope that I'll manage to collect a sufficient enough wardrobe. I hope that I can make some more OTT and dressier outfits in the future as well, as so far I mainly stick to a very casual look.

How were you when you started off as a Lolita, do you think you've made a huge improvement? How do you try to be resourceful and save money, tell us your tips?


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