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SMASH 2014 and Indie Brand Magic Cats Street!

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SMASH this year was a lot of fun. I went with two of my friends, and we spent the day talking, buying stuff, and getting pictures with cosplayers. What was even more exciting, was a few days before the event I discovered on Facebook about a new Lolita brand called Magic Cats Street now situated in Sydney Australia that was going to be there. Of course I had to check it out, and even managed to drag my friends to go see it as soon as we got there. The brand was super cute, and everything was reasonably priced and well made. I bought a JSK and a matching bolero, and I love them so much. I'll post the pictures  from the brand down below my SMASH pictures, and I'll take pictures of me wearing my garments when I get dressed up next time.

It was also a pleasant surprise to run into two Lolita's from the Sydney Lolita Fashion community. I had them both of Facebook, and I think I met one of them at the Misako Tea Party (my memory escapes me). I had no idea who they were at first, and was surprised when I went to ask two well dressed girls for a photo and one of them recognised me and even knew my name. Not long after that my friends and I departed for home, and the only seats we found available on the train were next to the same girls. They were really nice and allowed us to sit with them, and we all had pleasant conversation between us. I'm hoping I can make it up to another meet sometime, as I'd like to see these girls again.

It was an amazing, but super tiring day. Due to SMASH being in a new venue this year, it took so much longer to get there. It took three trains to get there initially, and four on the way home. I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning and didn't come home until around 7:30. Although it was super tiring, I would definitely do it again. I also hope they keep holding it at this venue, as even though it's further away I believe I like it a lot better. It's a lot more spacious, and because of that you aren't packed against a lot of people. 

Train Selfies

Madoka Magica Cosplayers

Attack on Titan Cosplayers

Ball Jointed Doll Display

I had to take my heels off at lunch, as I had extremely sore feet.

My nails matched my coord ^w^

A close friend and I

Suiseiseki Cosplayer

I liked her coordinate 

Mekaku City Actors Cosplayers

I just love what they are wearing. These two nice girls are in my Lolita Community.

We met again on the train

I bought this dress in this colourway

And this bolero in black

The dress series is called is called 'Summer Dream', and the material is made out of Chiffon I believe. It's super lightweight, and feels amazing. Even by the name it's obviously a summer dress, but I couldn't help myself and wanted to wear it today. I didn't take any photos of myself wearing it, as I'm wearing it with stockings and a purple long sleeved top since it's cold, and it doesn't exactly look all that amazing (plus I'm not wearing any makeup and I'm super casual). I think I'll put this away until a hot day or wait until summer to wear it again.

I think I might survive the Australian summer wearing  this dress, as it feels so airy and lightweight. I'm terrible with dealing with the heat, yet I like to wear Lolita anyway. With the JSK and bolero, my short Bodyline bloomers, cute ankle socks, small black heels, my black parasol, a cute fan, and a few accessories I think I'll make the perfect summer look.

I'm really happy as my bolero matches amazingly well with my black Mystery Garden dress, so I'll definitely be making a coordination out of that come summer or another warm day.

I'd definitely recommend this brand if you're an Australian Lolita or live anywhere with a hot climate. The dress and bolero are amazing quality, and weren't too pricey. It cost me Australia $300 for both garments, $100 for the bolero and $200 for the dress. Overall for a Lolita brand that's not too expensive. I would have liked to have paid less for the bolero, but the dress was definitely worth the price.

I also got two cute little postcards of artwork featuring the dresses with my purchase that you'll see on the right. I thought that was super cute, and made me even happier. What confused me initially though, was the fact that the dress looked A-line, yet in the art they looked Belle-shaped. I wasn't able to try the JSK on before I bought it, and that had me a little worried. I always prefer to get A-line over Belle-shaped, but I soon found out when I got home that it was in fact an A-line dress.

So what do you think of this Indie brand? Here's their Facebook:


Punkangel on 10 August 2014 at 19:01 said...

I love your oldschool coord and the matching nail art :)

The Shiro Nuri couple is just amazing! I really would like to do this style to but I am too lazy to paint my face all white and keep it where it should be the whole day :D
Even though the people would stare more as when I am wearing Lolita xD

I also like your boughts and I am looking forward to seeing your coordinate with them :)

Love, Lisa

Caitlin George on 11 August 2014 at 21:00 said...

Oh thank you so much for the lovely compliments. I had no idea what they were doing was called Shironuri until someone told me on Facebook, and I'm just blown away with how dedicated anyone could be to spend so much time painting their entire face like that.

I don't think I'll get to coordinate my new items anytime soon as it's a summer dress, but on the bright side my mother just picked up a super cheap dress form for me on Facebook. So I'll take photo's of them on my new dress form once it's in my room ^w^

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