Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Angelic Pretty 3 Way Bag Book Review

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 19:09

Well I've always wanted to own something brand, yet just didn't have the money. However a nice opportunity presented itself to me, allowing me to get myself my first brand item. I went away for two nights and three days with my boyfriend, to relax and celebrate finishing school. We went to Kinokuniya to pick up some books whilst we were out shopping, so I grabbed two cute Japanese Sanrio children's books to practice my Japanese reading fluency (self taught and suck at it). Whilst waiting in the checkout to buy my over priced picture books, I found an Angelic Pretty bag staring down at me for only $50AUD. I had saved up a lot of spending money for my getaway, and just couldn't resist.

Overall I am very happy with this bag, I love how versatile it is and despite being quite small looking it is very roomy. I believe I will get a lot of use out of this bag, both in and out of Lolita. I'm also planning to use it as a backpack when I start University next year.

I'm so excited to wear the bag, I have already created a coordinate for it for a casual day out shopping with a friend. I've posted on the Lolita community I started for my area asking if anyone wants to join us two, so hopefully some of the girls are free and we can have a cute frilly shopping trip together. Even if no one else can make it, I'm still very excited to go out with my good friend and dress her up in one of my dresses. She loves Lolita and is new to it and is hoping to one day get herself a dress. For now though, I am lending her my clothes and my old petticoat when we got out together.

Overall I recommend this bag if you can get your hands on it for a decent price. It's simple, cute and extremely versatile. It is perfect to store some books in when going to school or university and will make a great going out bag when going to meets or shopping with friends. The bag is very lightweight though, and isn't made out of tough material. I wouldn't recommend getting it as a school bag if you have to carry around many textbooks, as I am not entirely sure how much weight it can handle.


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