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Lolita Fashion in the Summer Time

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Ever wanted to wear Lolita in the summer time?

Didn't think you could stand wearing your pretty frills under the soaring heat?

Well with a few tips and tricks it's easy enough to wear your favourite garments right throughout the duration of summer.

Lets be honest here... being a Lolita, especially in a hot climate, isn't easy. Dealing with modesty and all the rules of the fashion, still being true to yourself, and dealing with the heat is a hard battle to face. Yet with patience and love for the fashion you can get through all these challenges. 

Less Layers

An important part of dealing with the summer heat besides the obvious like staying hydrated, is to wear less layers. If you live in a place where it gets really hot easily and the humidity just drives you crazy, you don't want bloomers sticking to your body drenched in sweat. A few articles I have read suggest wearing bloomers in the summer time as a good idea, as it will stop you sweating on your garments...but is dying of heat exhaustion worth it. If you ditch the layers, you won't sweat in the first place.

  • Not wearing bloomers, it can be easy for some, and really hard for others. The key ingredient to Lolita is modesty after all. Ditching you bloomers will let you feel so much cooler, yet if you just can't bring yourself to do it, there are some other ideas you can try.

  • If you just can't bring yourself to ditch your bloomers, then try getting a pair made out of a lighter material, or even a shorter pair may help. Another good idea for keeping you cool and modest is to wear a cute pair of pyjama shorts instead.

  • Also don't forget about your petticoats. A petticoat is a must in Lolita, yet if you have a million layer tiered petticoat you clearly won't stay cool. Try to lessen your layers by wearing a less puffy petticoat made out of a lighter material. An old tulle petticoat that circulates air will be much better for you than a thick organdy petticoat with many layers. One might look visually more pleasing, yet the other will just cause you to sweat and topple over.

  • If you are a fan of JSK's now is the time to bring these out. To help keep you cool in the summer time you may want to ditch your blouse, there is many ways you can go about this while still keeping true to the modesty of Lolita.

  • Some JSK's look ok with a blouse, some don't, remember this key idea while you are trying clothes on. Some dresses will fall too low under your bust and will not be suitable without a blouse. If a dress is suitable without a blouse, you can just go ahead and wear it without anything else. If you must wear a blouse, or need to for a certain dress, go for a translucent type made out of a light material.

  • If you on the other hand feel fine without a blouse, don't let the opinions of other Lolita's get to you. A blouse is an essential part of Lolita, yet it is not needed if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Being happy and free is also an important part of this fashion.

  • There are also ways to maintain modesty without a blouse. Try getting a nice pair of lace gloves, these will help minimize the amount of skin being shown. A cute short pair will suit many styles, and a long elbow length pair will look perfect for a more elegant look such as classic.

  • Also don't forget many brands do sell singlet tops from time to time and there is good reason for this. You don't need a blouse at all times, you can easily wear a a light cardigan over the top of your outfits to help maintain modesty.

  • Knee high socks, and cute printed stockings are what some live for, although this is certainly not suitable for the summer time. Try going for a cute pair of ankle socks, or a light weight pair of stockings instead, this will keep you all the more cooler. If the temperature gets really high in your climate, go with a cute pair of sandals instead and ditch the socks all together.

Methods For Keeping Cool and Being Sun Safe

Still need to maintain modesty or can't handle the heat still after ditching some layers? There are many things you can do to keep cool in the summer time. The most ideal method is just staying indoors, whether at home or in a shopping centre that provides shade from the sun and cool air conditioning. Yet some of us can't do that. You may need to travel, ride a bike somewhere, or attend an outdoor meet up.

  • The best tip I can provide when going out into the sun is a parasol and a hat. A cute floppy sun hat will look perfect for your outfit, or maybe a small little vintage hat or a bonnet. These will both protect you from the sun and provide shade for you. If you have a small hat you could also carry a parasol in conjunction with it (if you are wearing a big floppy hat, carrying a parasol will make you look rather silly).

  • If you don't have the money for an expensive brand parasol, many shops and places online can really help you out. Also using a standard umbrella may not look the best, but it will simply do the trick. Look out for umbrellas that have cute designs, or have lace or flowers on them. A Hello Kitty umbrella will be the perfect addition for any Sweet Lolita.

  • Also fans that have matching colours with your co-ords will make a perfect addition to your outfit. They can help keep you cool and make you look really dainty and elegant. Try also getting a mini spray bottle and fill it with cool water, spray some on your neck whenever you feel a little too hot.

  • Remember to keep your hair up, if you have long hair it will do you no good in trying to keep cool. Don't wear wigs as they will trap the heat and make your head feel really hot. 


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