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To Be Or Not To Be?

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 18:10
Should I, or should I not become a Classic Lolita?

Being rather new to Lolita Fashion as a whole, I have great knowledge of the fashion yet not much of this knowledge put into practice. I have quite the small oddly distributed wardrobe consisting only of off brand pieces, and very little no how of actually putting into practice what I preach. This little blog post is going to be some random musings and a little bit of rambling here and there, so only read on at your own free will.

Now let's get started to what the hell I am rambling on about. What is my problem you ask? Well firstly I am in a bit of confusion as to what Lolita sub style I want to be a part of exactly. Before I had no problem with being into all the sub styles, and always thought I would love and have all of them...but that is not such a simple matter. The problem isn't that I I am confused about which style I love, as I really do love them all...yet there are a number of problems cropping up from trying to achieve a wardrobe full of every style.

At the moment I have a Gothic Anna House Op, some off brand Classic Lolita JSK, a Hello Kitty JSK, a Bodyline JSK, a bell shaped Bodyline skirt, White Moon Strawberry Chocolate Skirt, some brown/grey off brand A-line Skirt, a Bodyline Blouse, and a BodyLine cut sew. As you see this is not a very impressive wardrobe...I don't even have proper Lolita shoes.

So far I have been getting by, by wearing casual Lolita and half finished coordination's; I don't have anything at all very Over The Top. I hope to one day make it to the status of a Life Style Lolita, yet at my current age and problems with my parents, none of this can easily be achieved.

So I had myself thinking...should I become a Classic Lolita? 

I obviously want to save money and finish off my current coordination's, yet after that I want to start 'really' getting into Lolita. If I have so many sub styles to cater for I am going to have a very hard time trying to build a decent wardrobe.

Classic Lolita was the last sub style I got into. I always saw myself as a Gothic at first, moved onto Sweet, then came into purchasing a Classic Lolita dress to please my parents. Yet nothing I have ever purchased has met my mothers satisfaction. I want to be able to wear what I want, be happy, and have a positive opinion from mother.

 I thought Classic was the way to go at first, and was severely disappointed to find that she didn't like my Classic Dress.Yet after discussion with her, I found she didn't like it because she felt it looked too 'Anne of Green Gables'. She wants me to wear something Elegant, and not country like, and definitely nothing cute like what I have been wearing so far.

After looking around at some Indie Brands for a while, I found this wonderful dress on Mystery Garden. I instantly fell in love, thinking that I must have this dress. I posted a picture of it on Facebook, saying how I would sell my soul for this very dress, and surprisingly got positive feedback from both my parents. Both of them commented on the dress, and both of them liked it to the point they started talking to me about it afterwards.

The dress I want from Mystery Garden (which is black, yet looks brown on my blog ;-;)

So this had me thinking...I have had so much negative feedback on all my previous outfit ideas, so why not become a Classic Lolita now that I know what my mother likes. I feel most comfortable out in the public eye when wearing Classic Lolita, I only own an A-line petticoat, and I want to get my mothers approval of what I wear.

Many of you may be thinking, who the hell cares about your mum. Well I don't really care to some extent...she is also happy as long as I am happy.Yet I really love the feeling when she says she likes something that I wear, so becoming a Classic Lolita may not be such a bad idea.

If I budget and keep track of my money I can start building up a decent wardrobe. I need a pair of brown and pink tea parties to finish off my coordination's, and then I'm all set in terms of accessories. I still need to buy a bell shaped petticoat, but really I don't want one. With my old one on the way out, I want to use this money to buy a new A-line petticoat, rather than a new bell shaped one. I prefer to wear my bell shaped garments without a petticoat as it is so much more comfortable. If I ever needed to dress up for an event with a bell shaped garment, I could borrow off my friend who only ever wears her one Lolita Dress to costume parties and anime conventions.

I already have heaps of Gothic and Classic accessories, suitable heels and flats, and many versatile pieces of clothing that could easily work with Classic Lolita. If I build a wardrobe mainly consisting of black, and other solid colours of Classic Lolita with the occasional Gothic garment here or there, then I will be able to have an extensive wardrobe I am comfortable going out in daily.

I will in the future not be able to control myself and will still buy that 'impulse' purchase, and find myself buying Sweet Lolita, and that is ok. Yet for now, I want to wear outfits that I can wear out all the time, and feel most comfortable and happy in. Save the Sweet and all the detailed prints for conventions and special outings, and continue on with my dream of becoming a lifestyle Lolita.

So what do you think? Do you think I should try to control my urge to be cute and try to go for a practical ideal? Do you think becoming a Classic Lolita will be the best option for me?

No one other than myself can obviously tell what is right for me, but I would like to know of everyone's opinions, so feel free to start discussion :)


Mary Hazelbelle on 27 December 2013 at 02:58 said...

Hi Caitlin, I am in your shoes at the moment! :D I have only been a Lolita for 6 months and my wardrobe is full of bits and pieces from different substyles. I can't choose between Classic and Sweet either :P I ended up trying Country Lolita (since it is supposedly something in-between the two), but it doesn't feel like much of a substyle, really, more like a "theme" with that straw hat and RHS... It just feels wrong to wear straw in the winter!

So... I'm leaning towards Classic as well, mostly because my loved ones also prefer if I dress in Classic.

To think that you alone can decide what you want to wear is both right and wrong - you are always a part of something bigger and whether or not that "bigger" is including or excluding of you depending on your fashion style is not always your choice. Some workplaces do not accept Lolita clothes, or some schools. Or some families, in the end I believe compromising is better than not being able to wear the fashion at all.

And it's so much more fun to wear something that the people you hang with actually like!

So I'm going to try to build a Classic Lolita wardrobe with Sweet themes ;) I'm definitely getting does super-special-dresses to wear at meet-ups with other Lolitas.

And I must say I adore that dress you posted here!!! It's AAA-aaa-mazing! :D I've got to check out that Indie-brand :D

Big hugs and love from Mary - Hope you'll find your style :)

Caitlin George on 30 December 2013 at 11:58 said...

Awww you are so sweet, thank you *-*

Yes I think I am going to try and stick to a Gothic and Classic based wardrobe for anything new I buy from now on, although I do want to finish off the coordination's for what I already own. I think it should be ok to have a little bit of Sweet for casual wear as I just adore my White Moon Strawberry skirt, but I only feel comfortable wering that at home and to anime club. I couldn't even bring myself to wear it to school in fear of what people would think. I also feel that Classic and Gothic suit me better somehow.

Good luck in you own wardrobe, and I hope you find the journey of Lolita as fun as I do :)

PS. the brand Mystery Garden looks really nice so I suggest checking it out, I have yet to receive my dress though. I will post a review as soon as I get it ^w^

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