Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Outfit Of The Day!

Posted by Caitlin Neryce at 20:57
Shoes- offbrand
Skirt- Bodyline
Blouse- AnnaHouse
Petticoat- Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat II

Well here's a random outfit post. I shall try to do more little random posts when I can, as I have so little time to do actual in depth blog posts now days.

As usual I had dressed in Lolita for the anime club I attend at the local library. Considering I wear Lolita most times the club is on, and some people cosplay and also wear alternative fashion, I'd assumed that everyone who went to the library was used to it by now. Although I was wrong it seems, as we must have had a newcomer in the library this night as I got asked a very odd question.

Usually I get odd looks when I'm shopping with friends from people at school and that's usually about it. Sometimes I even get compliments which baffles and surprises me, as I have always expected negative outcomes...

Tonight though I got the dreaded "Are you going to a play?"

I have heard this response so many times on the internet from other Lolita's saying they get it all the time, yet surprisingly I have never had this asked before. I felt a little downcast from this response to be honest, as surely Lolita isn't that strange that you assume it only to be appropriate for a play. I have been feeling rather down in confidence lately to be honest, as much as I love this fashion, people still find it so strange. What is so wrong with me wanting to dress in cute clothes.

I know the random guy was just curious, and I politely responded with "no this is how I usually dress". Although it still somewhat upsets me somehow that people seem so confused by my clothing. I like to dress this way because it makes me happy, but I hate attention.

Other than that I had a great night, we even played hide & go seek in the library. In the photo of my outfit I was hiding in the disabled toilets with a friend during the game.

What was the most negative response you have had in Lolita? Have you ever had one of those days where even if you expected the response, you just felt so unhappy at a strangers comment? Talk about your experience of wearing Lolita out in public in the comments below.


Laura Morrigan on 17 April 2014 at 10:58 said...

I find that since a lot of people dress down, these days, if you are dressed up in a fancy outfit, you will get attention, no matter what the style. I have never got negative comments in Lolita, although I have overheard teens saying What the f--- is she wearing about one of my other outfits. I figure it was a compliment, they had no style! Mostly I get nice comments, especially from older people, who seem to appreciate nicely dressed young people. I would be nervous about telling people it was 'Lolita' style if they didn't know what it was though, because of the connotations on the word in the Western World.

Caitlin George on 17 April 2014 at 16:44 said...

That's nice that you get such lovely compliments. Surprisingly I have found myself being given a few random compliments when dressed up, and it makes me feel so nice to here them ^w^

Wow I never thought of it that way before. I guess it would make sense for people to judge just because you are over dressed and not because of the style alone. Thanks for that insight :)

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