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Classical Puppets and Dear Celine Petticoats Review

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*cough cough*...well I kinda got these petticoats more than a few weeks ago, but neglected to post. School has become hectic, that mixed with work and laziness has caused me to neglect this blog a little bit. As much as I enjoy blogging, I'm still so new to all of this and it takes quite a bit of effort. Although I will attempt to stay active more from now on I promise.

I ordered Classical Puppets A-Line Petticoat III and Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat II from ClobbaOnline. Considering when I first started in Lolita Fashion I didn't have a petticoat at first, and when I eventually got one I only wore it around the house and to conventions for a couple of years, I hadn't really had a poofy petticoat recently. My first petticoat has deflated a considerable amount in the last year, and I was in need of a new one desperately. Although for daily wear I didn't need something huge, so I went with relatively small looking petticoats on purpose. I wasn't used to the idea of wearing a poofy petticoat out in the public eye either, although Lolita is something I want to stick with.

Now onto the review...

The service with Clobba online was magnificent. My mother emailed a query asking about the sizing on one of the petticoats, and we got a detailed answer soon afterwards. I was also emailed a picture of the package before it was sent out to me.

I had waited a quite a few weeks for my package, and I was just so impatient...but with the service I received I can't complain, and this waiting time is to be expected with a shopping service and ClobbaOnline in general.

When I first opened the package I was baffled that two huge petticoats could fit into something so small...but sure enough they did. They were also packaged nicely in bubble wrap, and the package was completely covered in a million layers of tape. It was a tricky task to open the packaging without damaging what was inside.

Here's the picture of the petticoats, I tried them on as soon as they were out of their packaging.

Top- Classical Puppets A -line Petticoat III
Bottom- Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat II

I tried on all my Lolita with my petticoats ^^'

My petticoats are super poofy, and I am really pleased with the shape. Both are extremely comfortable to wear, and beat my tulle one ten fold. With them being soft I can easily store them in boxes under my bed, and wear them comfortably from day to day.

At first I was concerned that the Dear Celine Petticoat would be way too big, and I have decided that this amount of poof is a little weird for me. I think I will keep wearing my bell shaped one around the house until it goes down a bit, and I probably won't be wearing it outside until my confidence grows or the petticoat deflates (most likely the petticoat ^^'). I am definitely more at home in an A-line, and I will continue wearing mine every time I want to wear Lolita.

This dress needs maximum poof
Although I dislike wearing a huge amount of poof for daily wear, strangely enough with my Anna House OP I feel like there isn't enough poof with this particular dress. I plan to try wearing it with both my petticoats next time I wear it, and hopefully that works out well.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the review. I definitely recommend buying a Classical Puppets or Dear Celine petticoat as they hold up a nice amount of poof while still remaining a comfortable treat for the wearer. If you plan to buy from ClobbaOnline in the future, I dare say go for it. My experience with them was great, and I haven't heard any bad reviews other than sometimes it takes a very long time to get items.

Overall my petticoats I give a 10/10

And my ClobbaOnline experience  9/10


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