Monday, 16 December 2013

Misako Tea Party

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Well before I jump right into the deep end and tell you all about the title...*ahem* I am sorry for leaving the blog and not posting. I have no reasonable excuse or lie to tell you, I just got extremely lazy. I will attempt to actually post again from now on.

Now that is all cleared up...

Yesterday I went to a Lolita High Tea. After weeks worth of excitement and waiting, and a long eventful trip...I finally had the amazing opportunity....the opportunity of seeing Misako in person.

This wasn't just any normal meet up, not only was it the very first one for me, it was a chance to meet in Australia! Misako Aoki, model and Kawaii Ambassador...what Lolita wouldn't love this opportunity?

It is a about two hours by train to Sydney from where I live, so we broke the trip up and went half way by car and half way by train in order to shorten the journey. Although in retrospect I didn't even travel very far, there were Lolita's there at the High Tea from all over.

I was bored and excited so took selfies in the car ^^'

I was rather nervous at first, as this was of course my first meetup. However my nerves soon settled down in no time as I realised how friendly everyone was. I talked to a lot of different people, made friends and had a lot of fun. Words just can not describe what an opportunity this was for me. Seeing so many different Lolita's packed into one room was just mind blowing, and having the chance to see was just...just...I can't even put it into words...

Following are the pictures I have taken from the event. I felt very under dressed compared to all the other Lolita's, as I am an off brand casual Lolita. It made me a little sad as everyone else looked so pretty, but I'll get there one day.

The food was downright amazing 

The scones and that strawberry cake thing was the best

Misako >.<
We all laughed when she was given a stuffed Kola

She was give a card with all our names in it.
We each wrote a different message for her and
we put little hearts on the Australian map to
show where we were from.

The Yen ring I won and the cards she gave everyone
Here's the group shot which I took off Misako's Twitter


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